CHAD KATOFF, Enterprise Sales Leader

Media Hounds gets the job done well. I know of no other printer as dedicated to serving and satisfying his clients as Eddie is. In the decade we have known each other, I have watched him go to great lengths to build relationships with every person he meets and then to do his absolute best to always 'do right' by vendors, clients and friends. Case in point; I first met Eddie when I was 21 and out knocking on doors in the garment center, where I was not warmly received. When I knocked on Eddie’s door, he invited me in to sit down, offered me a glass of water and created a lifelong friendship. Whether you are a CEO or a bicycle messenger, Eddie will treat you the same way: kindly and with respect. For some people this would take great effort, but it just seems to come naturally for him. Perhaps it’s that never ending supply of energy? Media Hounds is one of the best printing and creative firms in New York delivering top quality work, at great rates, in a timely fashion. In a world with many options, I highly recommend you explore what he has to offer.

Eddie Kreinik