Eddie Kreinik is a trustworthy, hardworking good man. He is a man who cares deeply about doing good work, has the highest standards of customer service and remains true to presenting honestly what he and his company do best. I have known Eddie for many years and my respect for him builds constantly. Ed has a strong ethic of constant improvement, a desire to win your respect even over winning your business. Having recommended Media Hounds to my largest client, he came in and saved the day. My client was thrilled with the job, delivered with every expectation met or exceeded. I even recommended Ed to my mom…who works in marketing for the largest worldwide accounting firm. Following his presentation she raved. You can trust Eddie, trust him to show up when you need help – trust him to care about your needs and what is important to you – trust him to live up to commitments. A good man, an honest man… and fun to boot. Eddie once made a bet with me, the payout was extravagant - have him tell you about the bet he lost....and won.

Eddie Kreinik