How Digital Signage Increases Customer Engagement

Digital Signage Is Essential to a Business's Marketing Efforts

Digital signage technology has become an integral part of this generation's business marketing tactics, as marketing departments fight to create content that attracts the attention of potential customers. Digital signage is a branch of electronic signage. It refers to the usage of technology such as LED, LCD, e-paper, projections, digital images, web pages, videos, and much more. This form of advertising can be found on the sides of buildings, museums, retail stores, restaurant menus and much more.

What makes digital signage so essential to a business's marketing efforts is its accessibility. There are so many ways in which an individual could view some form of digital signage, and these methods include:

  • Digital Posters – Digital posters are LCD screens, placed against flat surfaces in landscape or portrait positions. This form of digital signage is efficient because it takes up little space, and can be used for POS (point of sales) advertisements or menu boards.

  • Free-Standing Digital Advertising – Free-standing digital boards are used as floor mounted displays. An example of free-standing digital advertising are kiosks with touch screens.

  • Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage – Ceiling mounted digital signage is a less disruptive, but a less efficient form of advertising because it forces potential customers to look up to view the content.

  • Outdoor Digital Signage – Outdoor digital signage is utilized in the same way as indoor digital signage. The only difference is that it's positioned outside an establishment.

As time goes on, it's becoming clear that this form of advertising is one of the most efficient ways to increase customer engagement, but why is that?

How Can Digital Signage Increases Customer Engagement?

Digital Signage is Engaging – Digital signage is becoming the new norm because it has a higher likelihood of drawing in the eyeballs of people with intent, or with the willingness to be persuaded. The engagement of this form of content derives from the bright, anti-static, eye-catching design that's missioned to attract potential and existing customers. Another aspect that works to bring in viewership is the customization of content based on the audience you hope to reach.

Digital Signage can be Interactive – Interactive displays work to not only increase customer engagement but keep their attention for a meaningful period of time. Interactive digital signage displays can be used in restaurants, hospitals, and storefronts, where an individual can swipe, zoom, and tap to get the information they want and need. Not only are interactive displays convenient, but the biggest element that contributes to increased customer engagement is the user-friendliness of the technology. When an individual can get the information they want or need quickly, their experience with your brand enhances, which increases the possibility of a person returning to your business in the future.

Digital Signage Is Highly Adaptable – Digital signage displays are highly adaptable, which adds to their value. You can incorporate these displays in different environments to serve an array of functions, such as making an order, getting directions, providing updates on new products and services, and much more.

Business owners are beginning to realize the benefits of digital signage, as they take notice of the parameters associated with traditional, static, poster ads, and other materials of that nature. Digital signage allows businesses to showcase their products and services in an array of environments and interchangeable formats, such as text, audio, video, and photo, as opposed to the contrary where businesses are limited to a single, permanent still picture and text.

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