Go Big or Go Home: Utilizing Large Format Printing

While the world has transitioned into the digital age, there is still a place for print, specifically large format print. Large format printing is also known as grand-format/wide-format print and refers to materials too large to be produced on readily available printing presses. Although the term "large" is relative, Media Hounds specializes in the following large format printing materials:

·    Large wall calendars

·    Store displays

·    Window and wall posters

·    Event announcements

·    Vertical and horizontal banners

·    Promotional signs

While, large format printing encompasses many more forms of signage, the most utilized forms, as listed above, are still widely used by businesses of all sizes today. The reason being, that large format signage possesses many benefits, and yield proven and desired results making it an essential tool implemented into the marketing strategies of marketing departments around the globe. Some of these benefits include:

· Increased Brand Recognition – The most important benefit of large format printing is that it greatly enhances brand visibility. Most notably, you can see the utilization of large format printing, specifically vertical banners, in car dealership marketing materials. The reason being is that this form of signage can catch the eye of spectators from afar, increasing the chances of them stopping into an establishment or looking a company up online. In short, large format signs are another proven tool used to help businesses stand out in the overly saturated markets in which they inhabit.

· Enhanced Brand Message Clarity – This benefit coincides with increased brand recognition but is an element that stands on its own. Not only can onlookers view this form of signage from a distance, but they can clearly read the content embedded within the material. What this does is it eliminates the guesswork that potential customers go through, when trying to figure out what goods and services a brand provides. So, when a customer steps in an establishment or gives a business a call, they are doing so, because they are genuinely interested in what a business provides.

· Versatility – Another amazing benefit of large format sign's is that it isn't bound by one format. This method of printing can be used to create an array of materials, such as decals, stickers, posters, and banners, to help increase brand awareness. The versatility of large format printing enables marketing teams to incorporate a great deal of creativity into their designs, producing work that stands out from the competition.

· Cost-Effective – Another benefit is that, if a business hires a reputable large format printing manufacturer like Media Hounds to produce their signage, they'll be assured that their signs are of the utmost quality, in regard to material, lettering, and coloring. What this means is that the marketing materials are built to last, which, over time reduces the cost associated with production and shipping.

· Expedited Production – Large format printing is known for its efficient printing. So, after a design is completed and approved, the process of turning a vision into a reality is only a trip through the printing press away.

Large format printing has been a staple in advertising and marketing since the industries were established. Its longstanding history isn't due to tradition, it's due to the effectiveness of the tactic.

At Media Hounds, we pride ourselves on helping businesses of all sizes reach their marketing objectives through proven means. To learn more about the impact high-quality, large format printed marketing materials can have on your business's bottom-line, give us a call at 646.355.0739, or visit us at Media Hounds to schedule a meeting with our team of experts today.