Making A Lasting Impression: How Video Walls Take Your Brand to the Next Level

When you ask business owners what they want, their answers might differ, but the bottom line is to grow and become an established brand. The only way a business can achieve this is through brand awareness. The marketing world today might be oversaturated, but there are still tools brands can use to increase visibility.

Video walls allow businesses to display their message on a big screen where every customer that walks into their establishment can see. Restaurants, hospitals, and media houses can use video walls to create a lasting brand impression.

The idea behind video walls is the size, which means customers will unlikely walk blindly past it. In order to excel in video walls with better ROI, work with a professional digital marketing company to come up with unique concierge designs that bring your brand to life. Creatively using color, message, and design make your video walls eye-catching.

Make Strong First Impressions

Businesses usually have just one opportunity to make a lasting impression. Video walls allow you to utilize this opportunity to give customers a good impression of the business. Video display wall technology is a setup of multiple monitors that work harmoniously to display your message. The bigger, the better.  Using a small screen might not grab the attention of everyone.

About Going Big

The appropriate size and configuration give customers a good impression even before they read your message. You need to be professional about how you display your message. If you decide to display different messages on each screen, ensure they don't cumulatively overwhelm the reader. You want to find messages that complement each other and use design to ensure there's continuity from one screen to the next.

Alternatively, use the entire screen to display one message at a time. Remember to strike a perfect balance in the design to ensure the display is not too dull or too bright and busy that it makes the viewer uneasy. Uniform quality across all display is the key to showcasing professionalism and order.

Surprise and Delight The Customer

Everybody loves delightful surprises, and doing the same with your customers makes them warm up to your brand. Consider exploiting angled display to give viewers flexibility. They don't have to be directly in front of the video wall to view your message. In case you have several video walls across the establishment, be sure to direct customers on where to find them.

Since the content on the displays aims at customers, ensure you offer valuable and useful information. Inform your customers about your products and services. Customers generally like when you anticipate their questions and answer them before they even ask.

Showing Who You Are at the Core

As you use the display to tell customers about the services you offer, incorporate the company's goals and missions therein. This can be achieved through brief quotes, employee spotlights, and so on. Showing customers who you are at the core answers the question: why choose this company and not its competition?

The video wall is like a massive virtual concierge, and there is so much you can do with it. Consider having an interactive video wall that helps customers get what they came for. This gives the impression that you are a brand that delivers. For better result, direct customers to an interactive kiosk with searchable options, so customers have a fun time navigating and interacting with your brand.

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Video walls are an excellent way of achieving brand recognition and visibility. Working with bid displays ensures your video walls capture the attention of everyone that passes by. Media Hounds specializes in the creation of visual, effective, and engaging messaging for your customers. Check out what we offer and how the services can help you boost brand recognition. Or contact us if you have any questions or concerns.