Stop and Stare: Head Turning Storefront Design Ideas

Why is your storefront necessary? Why should it bother you? Your storefront is your first impression. It is your first communication and connection with your prospective customer. It is what you need to attract and appeal to your customer from the outside, and convince them to get inside. 

Therefore, it influences your sales and your customer-owner relationship. Premised on the exterior, it concerns your store's walls, lighting, and window display.

Window Display

Window displays ensure the following roles: displaying your business logo; displaying your brand tagline, and brand promise. Your windows also showcase your products and services; use it to capture the attention of customers and inviting them inside your store. Different designs and graphics enable these. Eyes are the windows to the soul; well, storefront windows are the eyes to the heart and soul of a business.

Make Your Display Intrigue

Make your display in such a way that it intrigues the shoppers. Also, let the customer feel like they are the intended audience and the target market. Doing this while staying in line with your business brand achieves two things simultaneously: capturing the customer and communicating about your core business. Experiment with color, shapes, fonts, words, numbers, language, and sound. You would like your customers to go in and purchase, then go all-out and display.

Brainstorm and Sketch 

Brainstorm and sketch different ideas, whether it is a start-up or an existing business. You require an excellent design to entice your buyers; you need fresh and creative twists to improve sales. During and after the setup process, it is crucial that you view your display and gauge its impact.

Determine whether you have achieved and will be able to attract customers. Be your first passer-by. Will you go in? Are you sold? When outside, take note of the perspectives of your potential customers. Incorporate them. Using different views and angles of visibility. Change a few things according to what you want them to see and how. Remember your item(s) of focus.


Basic things to keep in mind:

  • Appeal/appearance

  • Items

  • Brand

  • Lighting

  • Theme

  • Space

  • Budget

Creative Lighting

Try not to overlook lighting; it is critical. Conceive ideas on lighting – neon lighting is noticeable, especially at night and in the wee hours. Use static lighting with window clings. If you like, observe the illumination around your store and perhaps incorporate it in your design. Lighting is also vital for dramatization, moods, and highlighting items.

For the walls, depending on your tastes and objectives, making their texture and appearance either distinguished from other buildings and the environs or make them blend is key. Physical or digital signs can be used to announce sales, discounts, deals, and promotions.

Various Storefront Ideas

Spinning stands display smaller items or carefully selected items. This showcases on-sale goods, attracts attention due to motion, and can display diversified products.

Bookstores can have small, mobile seats, tables, and shelves with artificial books outside, to create a reading ambiance and stimulate customers to explore the books inside.

A sports items store can have a small, composite, mock pitch, where different items from different sports can be displayed. For food shops, a window display is not necessarily a segmented area but can favor illustrations on the window which whet the appetite.

For a cookie/cake shop, have enormous, colorful, artificial cookies and slices of cake on display. Size and color build visibility and anticipation for the enjoyment of the product. A wine store display can effectively use barrels, either with bottles placed on top of them or inside compartments of half-sized ones. Go extra and be creative.

If it is a music store with a large window display, arrange your music instruments akin to an actual stage setup or a basic studio setup. With themed displays, a clothes store, for instance, can exhibit and various appearance depending on weather and fashion trends.


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The display needs to be simplistic and temporary to allow the alteration but still captivating. A balance of simplicity and elegance generates excitement. Ultimately, you want to draw attention to your products and help customers quickly understand why you group certain products with others.

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