Hook Them with The Look: Inspire Customers with Look Books

If you want to give your products a real-life feel, look books are an excellent marketing tool. Once associated strictly with photography, look books are now being used by many businesses that want to create an emotional connection with their audience.

In fact, look books have the potential to take your business far beyond the standard 3 percent conversion rate. Look books give your business an opportunity to ditch the normalcy of static books or product list. Avoid mundane browsing by showing your website visitors the best of what you have to offer or how your brand caters to their needs with look books. 

What are Look Books? 

In the beginning, look books began as strictly print publications. Today, the e-commerce industry is taking full advantage of what they have to offer to show off their collection online. By using videos or photos, you're giving your online audience a visual insight of what into your products, goods, or services. 

Again, not to be confused with traditional e-commerce static books, look books offer a dynamic visual experience. Your look book has the potential to set the tone of your business with creative design and a second to none presentation. When they are combined with a strong promotional strategy it's hard for customers to simply pass by your brand collection. 

How Look Books Can Benefit Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Inspire and Educate Your Customers  

Look books allow you to give your collection a "complete look." Ditch the single item scenario by displaying products one by one. For example, show your customers what items go together or even add a how-to to your collection with look books. Again, it's more than just a display of your items, it's a comprehensive digital collection. 

Increase Your Conversion Rates 

Look books are totally shoppable and if marketed correctly, can tremendously increase your sales. For instance, embed a shop button directly on the pages of your look book to increase your sales. Your business will find that you're increasing sales not only because your business is creating a great content experience, but because you're selling a complete look (what customers prefer). 

Brand Awareness & Unique Visibility 

According to Forbes, "building a community is critical to your brands success." Look books generate a buzz around your brand. In fact, most people are 84 percent more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend. This means, when your look books have created brand awareness by its unique visibility, your website or e-commerce is building community that can be shared by word-of-mouth. Remember, the need of community is at an all-time high which is a leading role of look books. 

Tell A Story 

Since your business is always competing with your competitors, look books also give your brand an opportunity to tell a unique story. Storytelling is an age-old fad that keeps customers engaged and gives them a heartfelt connection to your brand. A good look book story gives big venture to a small business or start-up. In fact, you can capture a story with infographics, e-books, products, and services with your look book. Remember, telling your story is not about you, it's about your customers. In essence, let your customers tell their story through your look book marketing campaign. 

In conclusion, a look book is a creative marketing tool that can be shared and bring profitability to your brand. At Media Hounds, we serve as a marketing source solution across all media forms. Take a moment to contact us for insight on your digital or print look book ideas today! 





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