5 Promotional Tools for Retail Stores That Actually Work

Creative Promotional Tactics That Catch the Eye

The truth is, there are many types of promotional resources that can be an asset to your business. Promotional tools can give your retail business a marketing edge, increase visibility, and build your reputation. As a tactical tool, promotional resources can also increase or solidify your ROI goals. Promoting your latest products can also increase your revenue, create a loyal following, attract new customers, and/or attract the attention of investors. Best of all, promotional tools give you an opportunity to bring awareness to your brand. The following guide discusses the best creative promotional tools for your retail store and how they work. 

The Top 5 Creative Promotional Tools For Your Retail Store 

Sales promotion. According to the American Marketing Association sales promotion is a major component of your small business marketing strategy. It has the ability to enhance and persuade your customers of the value of your merchandise. The goal is to create an immediate sale with a price-value incentive for your customers.  Your business also has an opportunity to successfully compete with other retail brands. In turn, your business will reach their profitability goals. A few retail store sales promotions include:

  • in-store displays 

  • trade shows 

  • coupons 

Digital Marketing. Technology has a strong hold on the retail industry. With so many digital marketing strategies available today, there are an endless amount of promotional tools available for your business. Digital marketing for online retailers has become more beneficial than ever before. Digital marketing is a flexible promotional tool that lets you highlight your brand. Attract new customers by broadening your online appearance. For example, create an attractive website that offers in-store incentives. Use your digital marketing promotional tools as a platform to strategically peak customer interest in your products. 

Pop-Up Shops. The first pop-up shop can be accredited to Japanese fashion designer, Rei Kawakubo in 2004. As a decade old marketing strategy, pop-up stores are now common in major cities among large retail brands. Businesses have an opportunity to create a short-term retail format based off of their original brand. The best way to utilize the pop-up promotional strategy is by featuring your most popular products along with merchandise that's never been released in your traditional store. Your customers have an opportunity to take advantage of the current trends or one of a kind seasonal products by using a pop-up as a retail promotional tool. 

Digital Signage. Digital signage is a promotional retail tool that creates an experience for your customers. According to a recent blog by Forbes, digital signage tells a story that helps retailers reach their targeted audience. In fact, digital signs are easy to read and are interchangeable which creates an eye-catching promotional tool for your retail brand for your customers to read versus print ads. "Digital signage targets the right audience at the right time" says, Maroun Ishac (Forbes Insights/Intel business survey panelist). 

Visual Marketing. The retail IoT creates an in-store and outer market promotional tool for your business. Retail IoT is real-time in-store marketing, data analysis, and store layout optimization that enhances the customer experience through technology resources.With the advances in technology, visual marketing allows you to dramatically capture the attention of your retail floor space or draw new customers on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The human mind is equipped to process visual information with over 60% of humans being visual learners. When given the opportunity, internet users will look at the visual content of a product before they make a purchase. 

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