How to Choose the Most Effective In-Store Displays for your Business

Retail business is dynamic and is consistently affected by trends, demographics, technological changes, tastes, and preferences. Both brick-and-mortar and online stores are affected by such considerations. It is therefore essential to find out how to work around these dynamics more so in your in-store visual marketing strategies. On this instance, our focus is on choosing the in-store display and style for your retail outlet that will resonate well with your target audience. What are the secrets to choosing and creating in-store displays that will make a customer impulsive and ultimately walk out of your store with a smile on their face?

Consistency With your Brand

The brand is significant not just because your reputation is at stake, but also for conversion reasons. A client will buy the product initially and go for the brand in subsequent purchases. Going for a display that highlights your brand and makes you stick out of the crowd is the most ideal. The cliché long isle-and-shelves arrangement is a bit of a turn-off for most people that look for uniqueness and creativity.

Your in-store signage is tied to the product displays and should give your brand the much-needed boost too.

Your online store also needs to be aesthetically and user-friendly aside from bringing out the substance in your products and brand. The images need to be somewhat more natural than polished and enhanced. Users are excited when what they see delivered at their doorstep is more like the image on the e-commerce website they visited.

Maintenance and Relevance

Go for displays that blend well with your products. You do not want a situation where there is a color or shape conflict of your stand or shelf with, for instance, your shoes. Besides, look at the weight and features of your products to limit scratches on your wooden displays and the risk of them falling off with your products due to over-merchandising.

Check if Your Layout Matches Your Type of Products

Your in-store floor plan is primarily determined by your product line and the niche market you are targeting. For instance, a geometric floor plan is the most appropriate for showcasing trendy products. Why not exploit the arrangement of your fixtures and stands to give your store a feel of uniqueness and artistry.

The angular floor plan is most suitable for a sophisticated clientele that is fascinated by luxury and ambiance. You also leave room for comfy seats for consultations with your team.

Get Inspiration From Other Sources

Don't spend time scratching your head on where the next in-store display idea will come from. The internet is your friend, and there are numerous valuable resources you can feast on to get inspiration for your next product display design.

Make it Realistic and Authentic 

People want to visualize how the product feels or looks like in their homes before they can decide to buy. If it is furniture, for example, arrange them in a way that it simulates a typical home so that your visitors get to see how they will fit in their homes. You could also impress it upon your sales team to be wearing your products. The client can see in real time how the product resonates with their tastes and are well-placed to make quick decisions.

Engage Your Customers' Senses

Proper use of lighting in your store will go a long way in evoking the emotional sense of your clients. Use spotlights to emphasize certain products. Light can be used to create feelings of being at home, in a club, a restaurant, or a fashion runway. Use your in-store lighting to dictate the moods of your patrons.

Make use of sound to influence buying behavior. Make deliberate and calculated choices of your songs and playlists to target specific ages.

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Your in-store layout, look and feel impacts on your brand image, traffic, client dwell time, and sales volume per transaction directly. Spend time and resources investing in the most creative and rewarding in-store audio-visual displays and layouts and see your business stay ahead of the competition. Media Hounds brings passion and experience through engaging, effective, and visual messaging.

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