What You Want Your Website to Communicate About your Brand

It's an industry fact, "the nature of your business or brand will always speak volumes about your company." Your customers will base the validity of your business on how it speaks to them. Many businesses don't understand the value of a quality website. Your business website should serve as a communication medium and also reflect the core values of your business initiative. What do you want your viewers to take away from their visit to your website? Understanding what you want your website to communicate to your customers is the key to long-term customers, a strategic ROI, and boosting your revenue.

Quantity will not always be the best communication option for your website. Your customers want to know your business has put thought into their brand and sometimes less is better. For example, a lot of content, color, and/or information may jeopardize the takeaway message of your website. According to the New York Times"many businesses prioritize style over substance."

Ideally, when you're trying to communicate with your customers through your website, consider your entire audience including smartphone customers too. For example, "the state-of-the-art web design that you show to your business colleagues may appear cramped on a cellphone screen," says industry experts. If you're trying to effectively speak to your website audience, not everyone will utilize the same technology to hear your message. 

What Do You Want Your Website To Communicate To Your Customers 

Value Proposition. Your customers are looking for a clear and concise value prop. In fact, it's important to have your value proposition embedded into your website and used as a marketing tool. The less information your customers have about your brand, the more your value prop needs to be clear to your website visitors. A good value proposition should be able to fit into your current communication workflow. According to Forbes, your value message should; "be a strong positioning statement that explains to your customers what benefit your business provides, to who, and how well they provide a unique service." 

We're There To Help. You want your customers to know you're there to answer their questions and/or help them through the purchasing process. For example, if a customer reaches out to your brand, you should have an immediate response time (usually within 24 to 48 hours). If a customer doesn't feel like your business is responsive, it may cause them to reach out to someone else. Your business should communicate that we're here to help with contact information clearly listed on your website, customer support, or a responsive contact us page. 

Call To Action. By communicating a clear call to action on your website, you're boosting your website traffic and generating leads. In fact, there should only be one powerful CTA listed on your website to capture the customers attention. Give your website visitors specific details about your website and allow them to take action based on your CTA. If your CTA is successful, your visitors will utilize your goods or services. 

Why Media Hounds Can Help Your Website Design 

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