5 Important Steps To Consistent Branding

The Importance of Consistent Branding 

Branding is one of the most important elements of a business. It is a marketing concept used to separate an entity from its competition; by incorporating creativity and strategy to showcase the uniqueness of a brand.

What's equally as important as branding is brand consistency. Brand consistency is defined as the accurate delivery of the core themes of a business, such as brand values, identity, and strategy, throughout all channels that reach the public.

Why is Brand Consistency So Important?

  • Builds Brand Recognition – Brand recognition encompasses more than just people knowing the name of your business. It's about a person's ability to identify your brand by your a logo, slogan, design, or any other unique characteristic associated with your business. Brand consistency solidifies in the minds of the conscious and unconscious consumer who you are and what you provide.

  • Builds Brand Awareness – Although brand awareness and brand recognition have some similarities, they also have one very important difference. Brand awareness is about establishing deep connections with consumers, hopefully persuading them to become emotionally invested in your success. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a business they connect with on a personal level than a brand they are unfamiliar with; and when that thought is combined with consistency, in regards to the message embedded within your brand, you end up with a proven model for success.

  • Promotes Customer Loyalty – Consistency is synonymous with trustworthiness, and just like with all relationships, trust is the foundation. Customers and clients who support a business from the very beginning, end up developing a strong attachment to the brand. And, when I say brand, I mean every aspect of it; logo, packaging, design, marketing campaigns, and online/physical content. Maintaining what allowed you to acquire your current customer base, is how you build credibility and develop the kind of customer loyalty that will encourage your supporters to stick by your side during the not so good times and stay with you as you reach new heights.

  • Keeps You Focused – At times, it can be difficult to remain consistent in your branding, when you see competitors finding success incorporating elements from a new trend. While, it may seem tempting to alter your branding to try and appeal to a more diverse demographic, it's important to remember that trends come and go. Following a trend can lead to you veering from the path you envisioned when you first conceptualized the elements of your brand. Consistency in regards to your branding keeps you focused on the mission you originally set out to accomplish.

  • Increase Your Revenue – This is the most important reason as to why brand consistency is so important. Increased brand awareness and recognition, customer loyalty, and focus leads to more money being generated, and the common thread unifying these terms is consistency. Maintaining what got you to the point where you're at, will continue to work in your favor in the future. The more you remain consistent in regards to your marketing efforts, the higher the rate of customer retention and acquisition.

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