Experiential Marketing: How It Elevates Your Business

What Is Experiential Marketing and How Would it Help My Business?

Known also as engagement or interactive marketing, experiential marketing is exactly what it sounds like, a unique, interactive, in-person marketing strategy that works to grow the relationship between company and customer by providing them with a distinctive and memorable marketing encounter. While some aspects of experiential marketing can occur in a digital space or online, the majority of the customer's experience should occur in physical space. Simply put, potential customers should be taking photos of your experiential marketing project and not screenshots.

There are a variety of benefits for businesses and companies when employing an experiential marketing strategy. Traditional marketing including print ads, commercials, and telemarketing are rife with tactics that may actually turn customers off to your brand if they feel as though products are being pushed to them. With experiential marketing, companies are working to establish a rapport with clients and customers that is individualized and unique. Some of the potential advantages of experiential marketing include: 

  • Grabbing the customers attention with something that is memorable.

  • Offers companies, corporations, and businesses the opportunity to engage with both returning and potential clients and customers.

  • Is a means of conveying a brand's mission or values.

  • Provide useful, measurable, analytics.

Now that we've taken a look at just what experiential marketing is and how it can benefit your business, let's take a look the four types of experiential marketing to put into practice for your own organization.

The Four Types of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing can take place within the structure of multiple different strategies. Below, we'll examine the four most popular that work alongside experiential marketing:

4. Event Marketing 

Pretty much any event hosted by a company can be a form of experiential marketing, however, not all experiential marketing is a form of event. Events are a great way of providing an engaging face-to-face experience for clients and customers. An excellent example of this type of marketing is Netflix's L.A. popup in May 2018 that let fans enjoy interactive exhibits related to their favorite shows.

3. Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing and interactive marketing are an excellent combination as the element of surprise is a major focus with them both. When combined, this element of surprise is generally employed to produce an unexpected experience, exhibit, or event. Regardless of what is generated with the conjoining of these two marketing styles, it should entice customers into conversation about the project and engagement with the campaign. 

2. Retail Installations

In the modern age of retail, experiential marketing is an integral aspect of marketing. In a retail setting making use of interactive marketing is a means of getting even the most uninterested customers to give your brand a second look. By providing your retail installation with the most engagement possible, consumers are more immersed in your brand for a longer time, raising the potential for purchasing your products or further interacting with your business. 

1. Brand Activation

A brand activation, or brand launch, is an excellent time to try some experiential marketing. Product sampling is one means of using experiential marketing for brand activation. A brand activation project is the perfect time to tie in your experiential marketing with your social media and online presence. This can be done in a variety of ways including using a hashtag specific to your brand and/or encouraging those who engage with your brand activation to post about it online. 

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