Why Interactive Displays Attract Consumers to Your Business

The Apple store. Mall kiosks. Museums. Your favorite store's electronics section. What do they all have in common? Interactive displays. Whether it's having laptops, tablets, cell phones, or video games out for people to see and play with, having a hands-on exhibit, or allowing people to use touchscreens, they're all interactive displays people can touch.

In today's society, it's simple and quick to shop online. But the online experience lacks interaction with products. Unless people have used the item beforehand, they have no idea how it will look and especially, how it will work. This is why brick-and-mortar stores still have a major role despite the emphasis on going digital. But, it's not enough to just simply sell products anymore. You must give customers an experience they'll remember, a reason they'll want to come back and buy your products. What's an easy way to do that? An interactive display, of course.

Why are Interactive Displays so Attractive?

In retail and other industries, it used to be enough to draw in customers with a stand-out display of your newest products with eye-catching signs explaining in detail how they work. However, things have changed. Words alone don't draw in customers, but interactive elements do. Here's why interactive displays are attractive to them.

  • They allow customers to test out a product before buying it: There's nothing worse for a customer and in turn your business, when they have to bring back a product that doesn't work for them. If they're new to trying out your brand, it may be enough to turn them away. Having an interactive display where they can see how a certain product or service works ahead of time will prevent those situations from happening.

  • They're fun for customers: Why are there always crowds at the Apple Store, or people surrounded by a Nintendo display at Target, Walmart, etc.? Because their products are fun to play with! This isn't to say that you're doomed if you don't sell electronics though. Have a booth set up for people to test out makeup at your cosmetics store, or a kitchen setting for people to test out appliances. People love to have fun and an interactive display will accomplish that. The positive experience will make them want to return to your store, even if they don't buy anything right away.

  • They appeal to all types of learners: Some people are visual learners, and need pictures to understand how something works. There are also those who learn strictly with written words and verbal explanations. Interactive displays satisfy the needs for both kinds of learners, giving those who prefer visuals a way to see how a product works, and those who need words, a way to read and understand how a product works. You have to be ready to accommodate your audience and interactive displays are a way to do it without making certain people feel left out of the experience.

  • They give the customers control: According to an article on Popcomms, interactive displays are, "a great way to let people explore your brand in their own way." Your brand's way of using the product may not be the only way customers use it, and it shouldn't be the only way to use it. An interactive display puts the customer in charge, allowing people to test out products the way they want to, going at their own pace, and in their own time.

Interactive displays aren't just a benefit for your customers, but your business as well. They're a way to help you stand out among your competitors and bring in more sales. After all, happy customers = more products bought, which ultimately amounts to success. Contact us for more information on why interactive displays attract customers to your business.