Marketing Genius: 4 Ways to Deliver Cutting Edge Content

Cutting edge content does more than just look good. The most important asset that great content provides to your business is: higher conversion rates. That's right; when you're creating content for your marketing campaign, your content should generate leads that convert. In fact, your content should also keep your customers engaged and convince them your business serves their needs or answers their questions. Learn how your brand can create compelling content with these top 4 marketing secrets your business never knew. 

4 Marketing Tips for Your Brand to Deliver Cutting Edge Content 

Build Trust

Most businesses believe building cutting edge content is based on the way it looks, but most brands forget about the value of their content. Cutting edge content should establish trust between you and your audience. Great content will also build relationships that should lead to a loyal following. According to the Content Marketing Institute, "content marketing is the art of creating relevant and valuable content to attract and engage a target audience with the goal of driving profitable customer action." The takeaway information from this tip is: quantity is not always better than quality.

Dynamic Photography 

Simply put, photography and branding go hand in hand. When consumers are searching online to fulfill a specific need, it will be based on how your content appeals to them. For this reason, your content has to stand out and appeal to the customer "shopping experience." Creating compelling content to provoke the consumer experience appeals to in-store and online shopping experience. Your marketing photography is what tells the story that leads to the shopper experience. Here's how to create content lending to the shopping experience: 

•           make your photography personal 

•           create online digital enhancements 

•           deliver an integrated omnichannel experience


Remember, your customers want to feel connected to your brand. In a Time Trade State of Retail report, 41 percent of those surveyed said: "bad personalization is enough to drive them to shop with a competitor." Make sure your content photography appeals to the customers’ needs and satisfies the shopping experience. In short, if you want to deliver cutting edge content, cater to what your customers want. With 65% of the population identifying themselves as visual learners, cutting edge content must have a strong visual appearance. Try creating visual content that includes: 

•           infographics 

•           interactive images 

•           puzzles 

•           games 

•           diagrams

•           digital signage 

•           large format content 

•           video content 


Your photography must visually speak volumes to your audience. The fact is, imagery is what leads to higher traffic. 

Create A Unique Value Proposition 

Your value prop tells your audience what separates your business apart from the competition. Your content must answer the "how" and "why" of your business. An audience that's expected to convert must have a clear understanding of what your business can do for them. More importantly, it should be unique and not simply repeat what another business is saying. The truth is, customers are always looking for authenticity. This should be the basis of creating compelling web content for your marketing campaign. Cutting edge content will tell the user what's in it for them. A good value prop is essential for start-ups and small businesses. The best way to address your consumer needs is through a strong value prop that answers their questions. 

Hire A Creative Agency 

Hiring a creative agency to create cutting edge content can enhance your brand recognition. Since most creative agencies focus on retention, your brand will have the opportunity to receive personalized attention. Your content will not get shuffled around as just another project. In fact, a creative agency has a wealth of knowledge in design and creativity with experience in the current trends. Best of all, their prices are set to meet the demands of almost any budget, but especially those of small businesses. 

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Creating cutting edge content is good, but cutting edge content that gets results is better. Create content that will get people talking about your brand. 

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