Photography and Branding - Are You Telling the Right Story?

Photography is imperative to online success today as an e-commerce industry. Why? For starters, when people search for a product online, they aren't going to look for long, winded descriptions, but instead, the shiny, pristine photos, of the products they're looking for. You've surely heard the expression "A picture is worth a thousand words" before. Today, in the highly competitive, online marketplace, it's worth plenty more, especially if you're doing it properly and capturing your product line in the best light. 

As a business owner, you know the importance of marketing your website to your target consumer. Brand photography is the perfect way to do this! When you choose to work with our team at Media Hounds, we can create an integrative, interactive experience, which will garner attention, elicit emotion, and attract the audience you're trying to attract as an e-commerce company. We work with you to learn about your story, your product, your mission, and your industry. From there, we capture your product line, and deliver an iconic story that captivates your audience, leading your site to higher SEO ranking, for the specific product line you're trying to sell. 

How do we use brand photography to tell your company's story? We focus on quality, emotion, and delivery. 

Primary Benefits of Good Photography

Online shoppers are visually inclined to like the shiny, bright, images, as opposed to a long, winded product description, with a small thumbnail pic that doesn't represent what they're considering purchasing at all. Some of the primary benefits of compelling photographs for your e-commerce site include;

· Heighten engagement and interaction through social channels

· Increase visibility through social media platforms

· Shareability (more visitors are likely to share/discuss what they see if the photographs are compelling)

· Increase traffic and SEO rank

Believe it or not, great photos on your e-commerce website, are just as important as excellent blog content or a properly geo-targeted website, in terms of helping your site and product line rank highly for keyword searches. Therefore, compelling photographs that highlight your products in the best light, can help increase site rank, for specific products (keywords), when you're incorporating the right balance of photographs on your site. 

Human Relation/Connection with Your Brand 

At Media Hounds, we understand the importance of connecting with your target, niche audience. With brand photography, we capture the essence of your business, and relay that message to your target audience clearly. It's not always about the flashy, bright, multi-color backgrounds and product images. Sometimes, the simple black and white photos, which capture the elegance of your products, are just as compelling (if not more so) and will attract the specific target customer you're trying to attract to your site. We understand that your brand and voice work hand in hand to create the best product for your customer. With a series of excellent product photos, we can highlight your voice, capture your brand, and share that with your audience to increase sales and attract more visitors to your site. 

Create Your Brand's Identity

Our storytelling will create the perfect identity for your brand, to reach your target audience. We'll utilize a series of logos, wordmarks, lighting, angles, and capture the perfect angles of your products, to project those images to your audience. We'll tell the story that no blog post can tell through words, with the brand photography we create for your website. 

Although you might not believe it, photography is pivotal to the success or failure of your website. Brand photographs can capture your audience's imagination and help them reframe the way they look at your product line. Furthermore, great photos can attract an entirely new audience that might've been look at what your competitors had to offer.

If you're ready to recreate your site with quality brand photography, we can help! Call our team at Media Hounds today to schedule your consultation. We'll help you decipher the best look for your website, recreate the dated photography of your product lineup, and make customers do a double (or triple) take, to catch a glimpse at the excellent products you're selling online.