Turning to Digital: How Up and Coming Technologies are Changing the Marketing Game

The digital world is taking a new turn, and new technologies are taking center stage. Different industries, including media and entertainment, health, banking, construction, you name it, have no choice but to embrace these technologies and to move with the wave. A large percentage of business audiences can be found online; in fact, in North America alone, 89% of the population is online.

Since everything is turning to digital, brands have to market their businesses online. Companies have to keep up with the latest technology trends to reach their target audiences. Social media for one has become a huge arena for digital marketing.

At Media Hounds, we help your brand to stay in step with up and coming technologies, so you leverage them as opportunities for growth. The media scene is ever-changing, and the best online solutions are those that view innovation and disruption as opportunities rather than threats.

This is a time of exciting change as new technologies like AI, AR, chat box, blockchain are influencing the direction of media. Pivoting your media house's operation to these new technologies allows you to be part of the next big thing. Take your position in the market with the services of an expert media marketing company.

Advancement in Video Technology

Video technology is here to stay because it's the easiest way of digesting information so far. Many media houses are already pivoting to video and mobile-first strategies as it's clear that advancement in video technology will shape the future of the industry. Short video is now on-demand as audiences prefer watching videos rather than reading articles.

There has been rapid progress with regard to VR, HD, 8K, and 4K, and these technologies have immense potential to support media content. Even though mainstream adoption in the media industry has not been witnesses yet, entertainment companies are already embracing it.

Online Content

Media houses are no longer reliant on the traditional channels of distributing content. Subscription services are growing exponentially, and media houses are radically increasing the production of online content. Networks, videos, shows, articles, publications, all these are intersecting to deliver the silver bullet. As a result, media companies have very few barriers when it comes to reaching their audience as there are many avenues companies can use. So, what then is the future of content? Media houses will have to ride the wave to find out.

Millennial Impact

The impact that the millennial generation has had on the media and entertainment industries is unprecedented but quite massive. So much so that an entire industry is experiencing a generational shift when it comes to operation and content delivery.

The millennial generation has morphed into the dominant economic powerhouse in today's digital era. This might come as a surprise to the boomer generation, but it illustrates just how powerful technology can be. Unlike the boomer generation, millennials were born into technology and the internet, this has impacted how they view content and information.

The generational shift has had a profound impact on the media industry. Millennials' overexposure to information has made them cautious and meticulous when it comes to choosing what to consume.

For this reason, media houses have to abandon the advertising approach as it is no longer appealing to their audience. Even though traditional advertising sales are dwindling, millennials have encouraged authenticity in the media industry.

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Up and coming technologies have greatly impacted how the media industry operates and delivers content. Staying in step with the latest technology trends allow media houses to ride this new wave and achieve success. Working with an expert marketing company allows you to tell stories that reach your audience and boosts your revenue. Media Hounds specializes in the creation of visual, effective, and engaging messaging for your customers. Contact us today to find out more about the latest technologies and how you can leverage them for effective messaging.