5 Rules of Successful Digital Signage for Your Brand

A marketer's job primarily focuses on finding effective ways to increase the exposure of their brand's products and services, and a method increasing in popularity amongst those seeking to attract the attention of people with intent is digital signage.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a branch of traditional signage, which incorporates technologies, such as LED, LCD, and projections used to display videos, digital images, web pages, etc.

Incorporating digital signage into your business's marketing practice encompasses more than simply utilizing digital signage. It's about maximizing the effectiveness of the technology by being creative and accounting for hardware, placement, and the consistency of your content.

For businesses looking to enhance the effectiveness of their digital signage strategy, here are 5 considerations that could help you achieve your goals.

5 Rules for Your Brand

1.   Combine Social Media with Your Digital Signage – It is no secret that social media is one of the most commonly used tools amongst consumers deciding whether to purchase a product or service from a brand. Merging digital signage and social media (i.e., displaying your social media handles and posts/comments from your followers or subscribers on your digital signage) can be advantageous for your brand, as it can help grow your online following and drive traffic to your web pages.

2.   Utilize Digital Signage for More Than Just Advertising – While digital signage is most known for displaying ads, it has a wider range of capabilities. You can see different variations of digital signage (i.e., digital kiosks) displayed in restaurants, hospitals, airports, and many more locations, to relay relevant information, such as restaurant menus, available inventory, current location/desired destination, hours of operation, etc.

3.   Stick with Cohesive Digital Signage Technology – Using an array of digital signage technology, in theory may seem like a good idea because it could make it seem as if you are appealing to a wider range of demographics. But, in reality it could come off as unappealing to onlookers and waste a great deal of your hard-earned money. Sticking to a theme in regard to content, size, and location of your brand's digital signage embeds in the minds of viewers, a sense of cohesion and a pleasing aesthetic, which will work to tell a visually consistent story and help convert a higher number of prospects.

4.   Expand Accessibility to Your Digital Signage – For businesses utilizing digital signage technology, confined solely to the interior of their establishment; once the workday is done and the store closes, customer accessibility is cut off. For the average business, operating hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. This means that these businesses are losing 16 hours of advertising, which equates to a lot of missed potential revenue. A way to make the most out of your digital signage is by making the technology accessible 24/7. This can be done by installing units outside your store or attached to the exterior of your store, which will increase the possibility of boosting brand awareness and revenue.

5.   Grow with Your Audience – The idea of growing with your audience involves understanding what drew them to your brand in the first place. Losing sight of what your audience wants and creating a strategy outside of what they are accustom to, by overcomplicating the presentation will lead to a decline in your existing and potential followers.

At Media Hounds, we work with you to understand your brands wants and needs and develop custom digital signage along with a strategy to help your business achieve its objectives. To learn more the impact digital signage can have on your business gives us a call at 646.355.0739 or visit us here to schedule a meeting with the Media Hounds team today.